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 Gjorgje Jovanovikj 

Angel Korunovski

Das letzte Bild

noch näher

la bella vita

Fritz Stier


04.12.2020 - 25.01.2021

"The Beheaded"

Gjorgje Jovanovikj




The Beheaded

In parallel with the controversial Skopje 2014 project, which was developed in the period 2009-2014, a parallel process of destruction and demolition of monuments and busts of revolutionary writers, poets and participants in the anti-fascist movement from the Second World War took place throughout the country.

The government showed negligence towards the monuments from the period of the People's Liberation War in Macedonia and minimized and ignored the association of war veterans and started their marginalization from the public sphere.

"The Beheaded" is a project that first started in 2012 and consists of placing silhouettes with written texts (biographical data, revolutionary songs, etc.) on the sites of destroyed monuments across the country in an attempt to preserve the memory of the people who took an active role in the resistance in World War II and to raise the question of our connection with the recent past and the benefits and importance of the anti-fascist movement in our country.