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Angel Miov

Kristina Bozurska

 Mihaela Jovanovska 

Tocka Punto Punkt

Tender Talk

R. Lizdek, B. Milanovic, S. Rupic

Vanessa Karre




Mihaela Jovanovska














 The exhibition entitled "Traces of other impact" can be formally defined as a spatial installation made up of several segments in which the positioning of the works in space provokes immediate desired interaction with the observer. Crucial interest for Jovanovska is Man and his thought process, the physical transience of time and space and the emotional fragility transferred symbolically in the realization of the work through the material with all its specifics (Plexiglas and printed plastic foil with artistic interventions offering transparency and fragility) as well as the techniques used for the artworks (cutting, coloring, cracking, embossed linearity / softness).


The fully transparent characters and the embedded fingerprints represent a type of expressive traces of the image in space/time as well as absence of a compatible carrier of physical corporeality. They create an allusion of the emptiness of meaning and foreshadowing the drama of human existence... The various figurative expressions, real or imagined, as well as the reaction of the individual in certain situations, caused or influenced by other impact, leaving traces in its action, propose specific and direct starkness of emotions and memory.


Those can be interpreted in various psychological, sociological and other aspects. Jovanovska conveys her idea of existence and remembrance with the way we are communicating through the formulation of artworks that are transitioning from full view to the final trace.