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28.03. - 18.04.2014
Gordana Hadzi Nikolova Malashev

Ljubica Meskova Solak
Dimitar Solakovski




Gordana Hadzi Nikolova Malashev


Ljubica Meskova Solak

Dimitar Solakovski










From the cycle,,Game Landscape 2,, -NEW MOOD,,

The pleasure to let yourself to “the Game” at one particular moment and to mutually merge the imagination and the temptations from a different perspective, the perspective of author-spectator/ audience, is a very interesting moment but in the same time it is also very “responsible”, taking into consideration the extent- how far would we go in the process of transformation and combination in building a New Mood?
With such a way of composing games, compositions, art pieces…the author and the spectator are offering you an expression of their own temper and energy, exploring and anticipating new creative intentions in new compositions.
By playing and combing endlessly gives the spectator/the audience a possibility to create their own “New Mood” in their own way .
The distinction in Solak’s work is the drawing in the service of the colour which has been her own handwriting for a longer period of time, starting from the cycle “Game and landscape 1” and it has also been present in the cycle “Game Landscape 2” for a longer period of time. We are witnesses of the possibility of transforming a game through merging shapes, colours and lines in a spontaneous drawing, intense colours and by building her own iconography, organization of drawing and colour in the space on the cubes, put there as preparatory sketch and with a drawing on them applied as freely and impulsively as possible (as a personal signature), which emphasizes the colour and depends personally on the author, i.e. to be understood as a syntactic element of the author’s artistic expression. Making a parallel among performance, technique, discipline is the fact that after all this “The Game” is something that connects and maintains a constant interest for escaping the reality an creating New/Old World and a game “through mutual influence, perception and experiment seen through the eyes of the author and spectator/audience, who plays a decisive role as spectator-author.”
By the author Ljubica Meskova Solak
Buba M Solak

Gordana Hadzi Nikolova Malasev

Leaving for a moment the emphasis on the smooth embryonic phallic gangling forms of the imaginary materializing portraits, the Sculptress Gordana Hadzi-Nikolova transforms new elements in her new portraits not harming the post archaic archetype of the human figure. She strongly places new dimensions, sets in motion the stunted parts of the physicals and on a spontaneously way she creates a new tempo which is in complete harmony to the tranquilized sound of the wood and the coldly ringing sound of the metal.
The modern and dynamic sensibility of the new portrait is the language which Gordana creates. In the context of "We - Retro" contrasts of new-old, modern-traditional ,fast-slow, concepts of identity, profession and social status that ironize or associate to the human "facade", bare and uncover the main form of the man that is wholly In balance with the code of its raw materials. All this is presented on most humanely-philosophical way through perfect sculptural skills.
Gordana Hadzi-Nikolova Malasev, Master in Sculpture, carefully forms sophisticated and quiet esthetical forms full of absolute energy that differ to her explosive temperament. For her, typical materials and techniques in the process of creation consist of coming down to few expressionistic lines on drawing-tracing, and also of unrepeatable sculptor masterstroke.
Gordana Velkov