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"Die Stücke"

Ladislav Cvetkovski
Digitale Bilder, Graphics

28.09. - 12.10.2012










Digital Prints on Paper and Video


September 28 - October 12, 2012


The exhibition PIECES is a continuation to the solo exhibitions called PIXSTORIES in the City Museum of Skopje (Macedonia) in 2009 and PIXSTORIES 2 in the Gallery MC in New York (USA) in 2011.

At the exhibition in Prima Center Berlin in Berlin Ladislav Cvetkovski will present digital prints and a video. The prints are generated by a computer and printed with pigment ink on paper. The video is called Circle [walk] and it demonstrates the author’s wish to symbolically describe a “life walk” by giving dynamics to a static image, supplemented with a human shadow. The video uses music composed and performed by Dorian Jovanovic for his project called Axiotomic, in particular, the “Noise Drops” theme.

The theme of the exhibition is related to the author’s need to present the sequences of the daily life through artistic quotations “written” in symbols created by the author himself. By using this alphabet of symbols, he also talks about the global change in the communication among people which impacts their behavior.

Through his stories, told by pixels,Ladislav Cvetkovski carefully built digital constructions, hundreds similar, multiplied lines – colorful abundance of the geometrical mosaic, where only ornament and color is recognizable. His graphics are not a decoration, they are not a design, they are subtle compositions with an extraordinary distribution of its elements, forms and color variations, but they are as well one condensed, analytical and methodical reality. He is also trying to change the method of reading his creative space which becomes one symbolic sign of globalization, of reality that always surprises us.

Ladislav Cvetkovski has been an artist and designer for two decades now. He is currently the Head of the Graphics Department at the state University “Ss Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, Faculty of Fine Arts, teaching Digital Technology and Graphic Design.


"…The system, that Ladislav Cvetkovski establishes, comprises internal arrangement of well circumspect sequences which are consisted in the composition, and further on build that constructing, weaving structure of linguistic reproduction regarding its visual speech…"

Viktorija Vaseva Dimeska

Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje


"In Ladislav Cvetkovski’s digital transcripts we have redefined relations to the classical medium, relationships full of ambiguity and the ambivalence between the viewer and the artist, a dynamic and montage-like conveying of private moods and impressions from reality in the digital process of signification..."

Dejan Budjevac

Art critic and journalist


"…It can be felt in the moments when, by using the mouse, he gets the unusual effect of an imperfect line which is meant to allude to the imperfection of man, while at the same time it retains the freshness of a hand-made drawing. Another important moment is the possibility of pointing out the painted areas (shading the drawing in his latest graphic prints) in order to emphasize the spatial dimension in which the action goes on and which composes the visual story."


Marika Bocvarova Plavevska

Curator at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje