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Dijana Tomik Radevska


Memorarium 2
09.09. - 28.09.2006



Prima Center Berlin is pleased to present an exhibition – project “Memorarium 2” by Dijana Tomik Radevska, artist from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. The exhibition will consist of  Tomik Radevska’s 2005 video “Insomnia” and 2006 installation of graphics-objects, works on paper and sand, made especially for this space.





Dijana Tomik Radevska



Visualizing the games from the childhood she invites you to turn back in the realm of metaphors. She has been “digging” through her own biography in different media (prints, collage, video, objects, installations), through the “family iconostasis” and genealogy, through the personal and family stories and genetic codes, thus impressively visualizing her own intimate history. This is another link in the chain of her previous open self-referential projects. With a re-reading of the intimate visual écriture of her childhood, Dijana Tomic Radevska shapes the subject, i.e., the centre of her games.  His/her absence from specific games is compensated for and substituted by the constant presence of the narration, as well as with the potential presence of the participants, i.e., players/observers.





Insomnia , for the author, the state of being awake is part of the nomadic creative act in which her ideas constantly travel across different planes, become leveled and eventually return to the initial global idea.


Dijana is a special collector of memories.  She collects them as others collect rare objects, stickers, insects, all kinds of trinkets. Or, One could say that she collects her own biography!    After all, it has never been any different. Art has always been based on the personal feelings and memories, experiences and views, passions and perspectives/fears of the artist. With the death of Modernism and grand projects/themes, it was Postmodernism that opened the doors to “small stories”, personal truths and interpretations.  And, If what  is no longer important, then, how it is definitely important! In this regard, Dijana is a typical meticulous Postmodernist.

Artist’s statement   





 I often wonder if certain situations appear familiar to me because they come from my own memory or if it is the famed phenomenon of déjà vu. Why is it called a phenomenon when, to me, it is the best form of exercising one’s memory? This is how I fill the gaps which I sometimes have in my memory – by creating new situations.


      It is with an open heart and by giving my feelings over to you that I invite you to take a secret look – you must be yearning to peek at someone’s hidden pictures!

      In the absence of relaxing and carefree moments and sincere feelings, I took the liberty of creating a world of my own which is now yours, too.


      Find such moments for yourselves!


      Recall the sincereness of the soul. Do you still have it?