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26. 8. 2016
Ausstellungs- und Eröffnungswochenende der
Kolonie Wedding


26.08. - 09.09.2016
"Trockener Fluss"
Ivan Ivanovski
Krator: Elena Veljanovska


Eröffnung 26.08.2016 ab 19.30 Uhr



Project Gallery Prima Center Berlin is the project space in which the artists have the opportunity to present their works to the public. Prima Center Berlin supports the artists both, in the realization of their artistic concepts as well as in their promotion to the professional and wider public. Project Gallery Prima Center Berlin was opened in 2004 and is in the Kolonie Wedding association of art project spaces in Berlin. 


The establishment of the Prima Center Berlin in Wedding is by no means accidental, but follows the notion that art has to be socializing.